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Fins are the least understood yet most appreciated piece of equipment associated with every surfboard. We display both The Fin Project imagery, framed photos of famed fins and we also show custom wood and stained glass fins that can be used. In addition we have fins that are primarily “wall hangers”. Look great but maybe too exotic for sticking in a daily rider.....

fin projectthe fin project

A visual exploration of the design, craft and personalities behind the most instrumental, yet overlooked element in surfing – the FIN...


stained glass finsstained glass fins

Rainbow’s “Stained Glass” line of fins was created to offer surfers a functional yet colorful offering of high performance fins. Since every fin is hand built one at a time, each fin offers completely unique properties that can never be duplicated making each fin a work of art.

101 fins101 fins

Crafted in Leucadia, CA by long time fin specialists John Peugh and Mike Slingerland, these unique fins can be displayed for as singular works of art or screwed in to your fin box to give an already special board another layer of magic.


wood finswood fins

The craft of sculpting surfboard fins from solid wood is being honed by a select group of artists across the country.These beauties can’ be used as daily drivers or framed and mounted. Here’s some examples for you to enjoy...

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