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Here at Waveriders Gallery our mission is simple: the advancement and promotion of surf art, surf photography and surf culture. An exploration of our gallery reveals masterworks of seasoned surf artists, lensmen and shapers as well as the initial offerings from a wealth of talented up-and-comers. We’re here to help you cover your walls with works of wave riding bliss, fill your library with pages of liquid perfection and outfit your quiver with the most unique surfboards available. So click away, take your time and enjoy – we’ll be waiting for you in the lineup when you come back to reality…                                                                                                - waveriders gallery

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Waves, wavescapes, and waveriding conjured up in oil, acrylic, and watercolor by our artists, who all happen to surf themselves.


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Shot from the beach, the water, and above, these powerful images capture waves, and the delicate dance between wave and rider.

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The surf poster is a cultural icon, papering walls of surfers and non-surfers alike from Manhattan to San Francisco and all points between.


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Waveriders Surfboards offers a complete line of custom and stock surfboards for all skill levels and styles.

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From the "authorized" biography of Miki Dora to the seminal photographs of Don James to surf movie posters, the essential waveriding booklist.


fin artcat finart

A visual exploration of the design, craft and personalities behind the most instrumental, yet overlooked element in surfing – the FIN...


Surf-inspired art is not limited to just two dimensions. On the contrary, there are a slew of artistic tributes to the wave riding culture which exist in sculpture, furniture and dioramas, just to name a few.


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Time has only burnished these images of a bygone day when the idea that you could build a lifestyle around surfing was just in its glorious birth.

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New artists and photographers are welcome! We are always looking for new talent. Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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Our artists are available to produce commissioned works of art for corporate buyers on-site and off-site. We also offer a corporate discount depending on order size.

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